by The Hendersons

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This is the first official release from The Hendersons. Zach Mayo and I made this in the garage and in various bedrooms with our own hands. We worked hard to make this something we can be proud of and cherish, and, God willing, something other people can enjoy. Much thought and deliberation has gone into this release. It will likely one day be the first half of a full record. We'll see. If you like it, let us know! Or perhaps, more importantly, let your friends know. If your friends like it, give them a copy! Enjoy. Share. Love.

-Nolan Robertson


released September 8, 2010

Written by Nolan Robertson
Produced & Engineered by Nolan Robertson and Zachary Mayo at Willow Ridge Road Studios

Performed by The Hendersons
Vocal sample on 'Airlining' courtesy of
acclivity @ freesound.org

The Hendersons are:
Nolan Robertson | Zachary Mayo
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The Hendersons Fort Worth, Texas

The Hendersons wish to bring you nothing but joy.

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Track Name: Summery
I love you more than you know
I am never letting it show
If you love someone else
More than you love yourself
Then you will see
What never before could be seen
Dream such miraculous, wonderful dreams
Summery whimsy so fair
I want to take you there
Track Name: The Red Lotus
Fly over the sun
Isn't it fun?
We've just begun
Whoa oh oh oh
Nowhere to go
Give me your hand
Isn't it grand?

High up in the sky
No telling why
We've got to fly
Over the clouds
Words in our mouths
Into our heads
The lotus is red

Shot out of a gun
Held by a nun
Looking at some
Mysterious man
Out in the sand
Into our heads
The lotus is red
Track Name: You Know Me, Too
You know me
I don't know you, but I want to
You can't see
I cannot blame you because you want to
I don't know
How to show you that I want you
Yeah, I want you

Our eyes meet
That pale, pale blue and I want to.
My lips are so close to you
And you want to
We don't know just what to do
But we want to
Yeah, we want to.

Mother Mary came and knock on my door
I don't wanna live here no more
Pick me up and take me into the sky
Close my eyes and take me out of this life
Track Name: The White Lotus (In the Snow)
You are nothing, you are all
You were never meant to fall
I am nowhere, I am there
With my fingers in her hair

But I know what you're doing
What you're thinking that you're proving
With your lies
Yes, I know where you're going
What you're thinking that you're knowing
It's all lies

Life is easy, life goes slow
When you're sleeping in the snow
When this winter finally pass
We'll be sleeping in the grass
Track Name: The Black Lotus
Higher view, I love you
I love you, higher view

Within the light of day you're falling
And we know what you want to do
Open your mind and hear our calling
Jump in the river deep and blue
For you, I pine

Higher view, I love you
I love you, higher view

Swim in the ecstasy of moonlight
Through warmest waters deep and gray
Forgetting all my deepest sorrow
You're washing all my sins away
In you, I die

Higher view, I love you
I love you, higher view
Track Name: The Years
You, a mystery under shady guise
Without a reason why, attempting to die.
With colorful flowers in your hair,
That silent, stilling stare.
We hang in the air.

Watching the light slip away from the sky
And the clouds floating by.
Forgetting what you know,
The better to hold you.